With the renewed heat, the cicadas are back. Thanks to Teddy, I watched a green-winged cicada larva crawl up the bricks on the south side of our house, burst through its skin and dry its wings out in the sun.

I wonder what it’s like to experience such a total transformation – from burrowing to flight, darkness to light in one day?  

21:31:58 PM

I heard some green frogs
(Rana clamitans
) calling
to each other, but now they’ve stopped. They sound much larger than the inch-long frogs (not yet identified) we’ve seen clinging to leaves and fence wires around the yard.  

10:37:14 AM

The gift of an unexpected summer day: hot and humid, with big, cheerful snowdrift clouds floating by… I watch them change from one shape to another, and another, slow but effortless, perfect for daydreams. Lying on my back, it’s almost too much to blink.