Two more passages from Larding the Lean Earth
, interesting taken together:

To make poor land rich, it must be admitted, is at all times an expensive and difficult business – it furthermore is a work of time. (p. 54)

Researchers in a famous English study dunged a test plot with… farm manure for twenty years between 1852 and 1872, then stopped. The plot maintained a higher level of fertility for the next hundred years than ground never fertilized. (p. 51)

So improving the soil takes a lot of work now, but its benefits last for generations – it sounds like almost anything worth doing… a definition of saving, conserving and good stewardship. Maybe there is some fundamental truth in the value of delayed (or at least measured) gratification – in investing for the future.  

21:31:58 PM

A couple of hummingbirds have come by our flowers, but didn’t find much to eat, I’m afraid. We’ve tried feeders, but the saturated sugar-water spoils so quickly that we’re always replacing it – too much work. What I’d really like is some trumpet creeper
(Campsis radicans
), but we don’t have a good place to grow it (yet). I’ll have to build some sort of a trellis first.  

10:37:14 AM

Cloudy; Mist
19°C (66.2°F) Thick clouds make for dim light and a slow start to the morning.