dead crow
We had our first brush with West Nile Virus
today – a dead crow
in the park behind our house. Thinking back over the day, I realize that I heard much less crow activity this morning. Usually there’s a boisterous group that comes through our yard, but today it was quiet. While I wrote this, one crow came by, alone. It called out, then flew away on the next wind. It’s even quieter now.  

21:31:58 PM

dog and cat
Our local paper had an article the other day on the drawing school that “taught” Charles Schultz
(though he said he was not a good student, and received a C+ in drawing children). Accompanying the article was an early sketch by Charles Schultz, of a Snoopy prototype and a little girl, eye to eye. Both were so eager, open – sweet – that I had to try to draw it myself, and then I wanted to see if I could draw a cat that was just as sweet. It’s harder than it looks :-)