We had some perfect Minnesota sweet corn for dinner. Fresh from the farmer’s market, dipped in hot water, with a touch of butter and salt – or not – even raw, it’s delicious. Once you’ve had vegetables like this – local, fresh, at their peak – why eat anything else?

After dinner, we walked out into one of those not-quite-summer, not-quite-fall evenings of bright light, low humidity and just enough chill to make you want to put your arms around each other.

As we walked I noticed one cloud in an expression of – I can think of no better way to describe it – sheer joy. Its head tossed back, heels kicked up, it was dancing, feeling silly (but who cares?) on the last updraft of the evening air.

There were lots of low, flat, purposeful clouds around, busy covering up, but they hesitated – held back for a moment – and the whole sky lit up for sunset.

Happy birthday, Tom.