19°C (66.2°F) After gunshot-thunder and a brief shower, what had been a warm, cloudy day turned chilly. It’s been a perfect day for gardening. I transplanted some astilbes that were getting burnt by too much sun, and then started weeding with a hoe, again, and again, and again. My wrists hurt from all the pounding, but at least the planting beds look like beds again.

Then I trimmed some dead branches out of the pine tree, and cleared some box elder branches over the raspberries. When I was up in the pine tree looking down, I noticed strange orange spikes growing out of some of the crabapples underneath. It looks like cedar apple rust
, so (sigh) I’ll have to remember to spray some fungicide next spring.

Finally, I started digging out a sun-shaped (round) bed to complement the crescent-moon-shaped bed I dug earlier this summer. If I get really ambitious I’ll add some sunbeams to the sun, but I think that can wait until next year.