I have a strange relationship with my car. It’s a Toyota 4Runner SUV I bought new in 1996. I like its versatility – I’ve used the 4-wheel drive in the Anza Borrego Desert, and in the Minnesota snow. And I load lumber or wood chips into the back fairly often. And I even like the way it looks, enough to occasionally wax it with expensive creams.

But every year, every month – every time I drive it, I try to drive it less. At first I tried to average less than 6000 miles a year. It was hard, especially when I drove it from San Diego to Minnesota. But now, 75 months after I bought it, I’ve dropped below 400 miles per month. It’s still almost 30,000 miles of driving. Maybe if I can get it under 10 miles a day I could justify getting rid of it entirely.

I read not too long ago about a guy who credited his early retirement (at 50, if I remember right) to never owning a car (no car payments, no insurance, no mechanics, no gas) – something to think about.