This week I took the plunge and got a WiFi card for my laptop, so I could write this blog (among other things) out on our deck. It’s nice, but… for today, at least, I find the backyard much more interesting. The computer is just a distraction.  

21:31:58 PM

Following yesterday’s thoughts on gardening failures, I received something very apropos in my e-mail today: a link to a plant disease diagnostics
system from our state university’s agriculture extension office. If you know of similar resources on-line, please send them my way!  

10:37:14 AM

Mostly Cloudy
29°C (84.2°F) The weather station says it’s mostly cloudy, but it’s a lot brighter than that. The clouds are just a thin haze that spreads the sun generously. But what I’ve noticed most, confined to my office (but with both windows wide open), is the unbelievably fresh smell in the air – the smell of un
-cut grass, the breath of parsley, dill, basil and a hundred other plants. I hope our breath smells as sweet to them.