Mostly Cloudy
25°C (77°F) The first wave of late spring blooms has come and gone – chokecherry, crabapple, lilac and azalea. Even dandelions and creeping charlie have slowed, though they never completely stop. Clover and some small yellow flowers are sprouting in the lawn, but mostly the yard is bathed in green, getting down to the business of growing.

The tomatoes are filling in, reaching out to their cages. The rhubarb is past its peak and sending up flower stalks, but still good for one more batch of crisps. The asparagus is beautiful, delicate, airy. Next year we should get our first home-grown harvest from these plants.

Unfortunately, like last year, our asparagus is hosting plenty of asparagus beetles (Crioceris asparagi
). If we had more plants, or if they weren’t so voracious, I might be more forgiving. I don’t want to use insecticides, so I resort, with guilt, to hand-picking (i.e., killing) them. Doing a little reading on the web
, I’m encouraged to see that ladybugs, lacewings and the chalcid wasp can help control the asparagus beetle (doing my dirty work for me), but I need to do more to attract them.