17°C (62.6°F) This is as good as it gets. Even through the clouds the sun is high and bright and getting stronger, its light soft and big and clear. The air is scented with the perfume of growth – of life at its fullest.

It comes from everywhere: the leaves’ deepening greens; the dirt’s perfect moisture and warmth; ducklings and goslings and finch-lings; vegetables and flowers and butterflies and bees, and one giant fat green caterpillar – all thriving.

It’s bursting with energy and life, like kids on the last day of school. This is when summer seems to stretch out ahead of us forever, its abundance never-ending.

But of course it does. The sun will shrink and harden, and fade into the ambers and golds of autumn. The greens will follow the sun. Moisture will dry up, and ducklings and goslings and finch-lings and children of all species will grow up and move on. We never know just when that turn will come, but we know it will.

All the more reason to enjoy life now