Today was the mirror image of Thursday: a long day’s journey into light. As I write this, the sky is clear, colorless before nightfall. A soft breeze flutters the leaves outside my window.

It was a hard day of work, breaking ground for a new flower bed, trimming dead branches from the locust tree, and making our tomato cages
. We also bought a few more plants – I picked up a few blueberry bushes, even though the clerk warned us that rabbits ate hers to the ground, stems and all. (Rumor has it that a fox has moved in and since then rabbits have been mighty scarce around here.) But I still need some peat to make a good (acidic) home for the blueberries… tomorrow.

For now I’ll take in the breeze one slow breath at a time.  

21:31:58 PM

Mostly Clear
17°C (62.6°F) Yesterday’s storms may have been faster, but their wake is much larger. The wind is gone. Clouds still crowd the sky, motionless. Still water sits on the surface, reflecting, evaporating. Sodden.