Mostly Cloudy; Thunderstorm
27°C (80.6°F) Yesterday I spent almost all day waiting for rain. The clouds began building early, just after lunch. Then the wind came up, dry and confused. It blew aimlessly for hours. The clouds thickened into twilight by four o’clock, and then the thunder began. At first no more than a deep rumble, far away. A distant threat, but worrisome without the sun.

The rumbles gradually came more frequently, until finally they were almost continuous. Crinkling, tearing, crashing, booming… then echoing. Rising and falling into the evening.

Flames of lightning licked between the hot-coal clouds. Flash bulbs popped, freezing everything… leaving a void in the sudden darkness thatfollowed.

In that emptiness, the rain began. One drop at a time, pushing aside pollen, spattering dust, soaking up heat. By ten o’clock – ten thirty – it began in earnest, cool and wet like it had just come in off the ocean.

Today has been much faster. Only a couple of hours from clouds to rain.