The reason we saw a redstart the other day
is probably an indirect effect of our cold spring. Normally, the redstart feeds on insects in the treetops, where it’s much harder to spot. But the unusual cold has kept insects from maturing, so it had to search for food on the ground. There have even been some reports of insect-eating birds starving. I hate to say it (wince), but we need more bugs

21:31:58 PM

Our asparagus sprouted yesterday! The first spears are thin and gawky, but we were relieved to see them at all after the beating they took from some beetles last fall. We’ll give them a week or so before we taste-test the crop.  

10:37:14 AM

I almost forgot to mention – we had our first day of cottonwood snow today. Still pretty light, but it’s encouraging to see the trees moving on in spite of the cold spring.  

16:40:47 PM

I think we topped out around 60°. Looking back at the day, I’m glad it didn’t get much warmer or the yard work would’ve been unbearable. It was my first time mowing this year (with my trusty 50-year-old push mower), and it was a powerful reminder of how sedentary I’ve been. I’ll be sore tomorrow.

During breaks from the mowing, I transplanted a couple of small shrubs that volunteered under our dwarf lilacs. They look vaguely honeysuckle-ish, and seem pretty happy in their new home.  

18:10:26 PM

8°C (46.4°F) Cool, crisp morning with popcorn clouds. It seems a shame to spoil it with yard work.