It may be wishful thinking, or the effects of working indoors on such a beautiful day, but I swear I can smell fresh-grown leaves through my window. It smells almost like lettuce, and dew, and a brook just freed from ice – like you could squeeze clear droplets of water straight from the air.  

21:31:58 PM

Mostly Clear
10°C (50°F) Perfect blue skies. I had to get out in the yard for an hour before starting work. Our ferns are just pushing through the mulch, and the chokecherry tree is on the verge of blooming. I planted a sweet woodruff
(galium odoratum
) underneath it.

By our back porch I found at least three candidates for what I call “opportunistic gardening.” I don’t know what they are, but they look interesting enough that I will transplant them, nurture them, and see what they become.

I also saw that we have four new seedlings from the wild cucumber
(echinocystis lobata
) we had last year. And the periwinkle
(vinca minor
) under the crabapples is thriving, with blooms and new shoots coming up everywhere.