Mostly Clear
6°C (42.8°F) Fast-passing fragments of clouds flit past a waxing moon. As they leave, one by one, the sky seems empty, not spacious – nothing but moon. What little warmth there was today held close, or else it was blown away by a strong west wind.  

21:31:58 PM

8°C (46.4°F) The morning started out over 60 degrees, but now we’re already in the mid-40s. While it was still warm, a few chorus frogs began singing again, with a couple of wood frogs
thrown in for harmony audio

Our neighbor’s apricot tree, well out of its usual range, is in bloom. If the blooms don’t freeze it produces enough to share, he tells me (and I’m hoping :-)
). In the meantime, the blossoms spread a faint, delicate fragrance all over our back yard.