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11°C (51.8°F) It looks like another beautiful day is condensing out of the morning haze.

White pelicans

Photo by Peter Weber,
Yesterday afternoon we were treated to one of my favorite sights: white pelicans. About a dozen of them, swirling high above us, would suddenly catch the sun across their broad white wings and then just as suddenly turn and disappear. Their flashing white, and the rhythm of their turning, brought ocean waves to mind.

I also have a particular affection for pelicans because a friend once told me that if I were a bird, I would be a pelican. I don’t think he had the magnificent, soaring version in mind, either :-)
. But then that’s not what you expect when you see them on the ground, awkward, a little bit silly, but still holding on to a certain odd dignity. [Thanks to Peter Weber and the excellent
for the image.]