6°C (42.8°F) Another day of thick fog and slow rain. The grass is developing a healthy green blush. It’s too cold and wet to start my deck repair, but I did pick up the lumber, at least.

Then I wandered the yard. The daffodil bulbs I planted last fall are coming up, and the shrubs I transplanted (a chokecherry and a serviceberry) have lively-looking buds. I put some fencing around them to keep the deer at bay, at least until the new growth has a chance to fill in. We also have a couple of hazelnut bushes, but they’re big enough (I think) to withstand a little browsing.

Under a light leaf mulch I found our three lamb’s ears had wintered comfortably. Tiny nests of new leaves swell out from their centers. And the hostas (deer salad) have begun poking up through the mulch, too.

But the most vigorous plants in all our yard are the dandelions. Their tough, bright green stands defiant against a backdrop of weak browns and half-hearted greens. They’re here to stay.