A gardening update from Jenny:

I’m growing some seedlings and having mixed results. There are tomatoes, peppers and onions mostly. I made a chart to keep track of what I planted, but the problem is that the seedlings that sprouted don’t match the chart. One little square I planted with four basil seeds. All the basil seeds germinated, but four other little plants I didn’t recognize also sprouted. Also an onion sprouted there, and my chart said I had put the onion somewhere else. I had to transplant them all into two other squares, from one of which nothing had germinated. Another square was supposed to have onions and this little prickly-leaved thing came up looking like nothing else I have. One catnip showed up instead of a bunch of flower seedlings. Now my chart makes no sense except as a list of what seeds I put in and when.

It’s going to be a great year! :-)

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9°C (48.2°F) Cool, bright, drying out. Snowmelt no longer runs off, but soaks in instead. It should be warmer than it is, with the sun so bright, but the chill air only grudgingly grants us each degree.