56, maybe even 58 degrees! I am writing this outside, surrounded by wind, running water and dancing leaves – everything in motion. The trees in the breeze are limbering up. The soggy snow is sinking down. It’s all my poor laptop can do to be seen in this sun! And I’m seeing (again) all the little chores I have to do, maybe not today, but soon – bird houses and deck repairs and tree trimming and stop
. If I close my eyes I can smell the greening of the earth… :-)

21:31:58 PM

-2°C (28.4°F) Finally, close to normal temperatures. I saw my first robin of the spring yesterday – not in our yard, which is still mostly under snow, but in a sunny spot in northeast Minneapolis. Unaware of his significance, he busied himself with his breakfast and paid no attention to me. That afternoon I also saw in the high cirrus, unmistakable, a hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. As I drove home, the cloud transformed itself into a crane launching from water. A good omen – or, more properly, good auspices