My favorite weather site
, for this feature
, if nothing else, helps me remember the day I took this picture. There were 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground, and it was colder than it had been in a long time.

The tree is an old bur oak, one of my favorites. I love his twisted, awkward, plump, mushroomy shape. He lost a large side branch (and probably others) not too long before we met, but he still radiates a goofy charm that I find irresistible. I have to stop and look up into his branches every time I walk by.

On this day, he (the oak, that is) stretched his branches into a sky so blue, so deep it was almost black, happy to be alive.  

21:31:58 PM

Mostly Cloudy
1°C (33.8°F) We started out sunny, but now we have taut sheets of cirrostratus filtering the sunlight, and any melting we had has slowed to a trickle.