Mostly Clear
-6°C (21.2°F) spider plant
The sun is back, but the forecast is for more light snow later this afternoon. Even though we’re over 12 hours of sun a day, you’d hardly know it from the temperature. Where you can
see a difference is in our houseplants. They’ve really perked up over the last month or so, sending out new shoots and greening up nicely. (We take what we can get, this far north. :-)

I pick up houseplants gradually. I like to have lots of them around, but they’re never something I seek out. Occasionally I’ll buy one, or a friend will give us a cutting. They start out in tiny 4-inch pots, and little by little they get bigger and bigger, leaving behind a succession of smaller pots to be filled. If I stay in one place long enough I manage to accumulate quite a jungle.

I’m still in the very early phases here, ever since I had to abandon a whole carload of houseplants in San Diego (I hope they found good homes). The cats aren’t helping much, either, nibbling off new leaves and digging in the pots behind my back. But we’ll get there. It just takes time.