cardinal image:
I can’t capture in words the hopefulness I feel from hearing a long-forgotten bird song. While smells
may take us back instantly, sounds take a more scenic route – they give us time to enjoy the process of remembering. For me, today, it’s hearing the song
of the Northern Cardinal
(thanks to the Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter
). Though they’ve been at our feeders all winter, they haven’t begun to sing just yet.

If you want to feel even warmer, try listening
to the red-winged blackbird
. I think you can even hear a canoe paddle in the (unfrozen :-)
) water, as you drift lazily through the cattails…  

21:31:58 PM

Crows are building a nest nearby! I’ve been meaning to put up some birdhouses, but I’m reluctant to pound nails into trees. Has anyone found a good way to attach a birdhouse to a tree without damaging the tree?  

10:37:14 AM

Cloudy; Mist
-1°C (30.2°F) Fog. Wistful memories of winter. Branches half wet, half frosted cling like cobwebs to the sky. Over the weekend spring hit the snooze button and pulled the blankets over her head. Now comes the slow motion half-dream before she wakes.