This morning I heard my first woodpecker drumming of the year.  

21:31:58 PM

Mostly Clear; Mist
-9°C (15.8°F)
A little cold, but the sun is warm and bright. There’s going to be a lot more melting today. Yesterday we made a snowman after our walk. About six feet tall, lumpy all around, but with a wide, open, friendly face. His arms are stretched upward, and he’s leaning back a little, as if stretching after a good meal. We had a great time making him, tossing snow at each other, and introducing him to one of our cats (Teddy).

Days like yesterday (and today, for that matter) are a gift – a long, fond farewell from winter – something to remember her by. She’d rather we forgot about cloudiness and sub-zero temperatures, frozen pipes and icy streets, and remembered instead bright sun, white snow, and ground that billows like a summer cloud. I’m inclined to humor her.