. With the warm weather we’ve been having, I was afraid if I waited much longer it would be too late. The weather was perfect – warm enough to unzip my jacket, but not so warm that the ground turned to mush. The two crabapples were the worst. They hadn’t seen loppers in years, and had become an impenetrable web of in-grown branches. One has no main leader (trunk), but four smaller limbs vying for the title instead. The other just needed a little thinning out. They look much better now, and I think they’ll grow stronger, too, with more light – more air between branches. I still haven’t decided how or if I should resolve the lack of a main stem on the one. I’ll let it sit for another week – or another year.

The other trimming was a diseased branch off the black locust tree. It didn’t look that big from the ground, or even as I sawed through it, but it made quite a crash when it fell, and I was surprised how heavy it was when I carried it back to our brush pile. It still needs a nuisance branch removed (it’s too close to the garage), but I’ll that sit, too.

It was good to be outside – good to be close to the garden again. To feel soft, grainy snow underfoot, warm sunlight shifting as clouds sweep by. To sense the first excited breath of spring in the wind.  

21:31:58 PM

1°C (33.8°F) We didn’t even make it below freezing last night. Unbelievable for February in Minnesota. The sun is bright and cheery. I think the trees will soon be convinced that it’s spring.