Cloudy; Mist
-1°C (30.2°F) I rearranged my office yesterday. Now the sun will shine over my shoulder instead of into my eyes (not that it matters on a day like today), and the cats have a brand new sunning shelf overlooking the bird feeders. I can still stare out a window from my desk, but now I look north. The trees out this window are taller, older and darker, including a couple of bushy red pines. The chickadees are awfully busy in this direction, too – where they used to be behind my back, the sneaky little devils :-)

21:31:58 PM

Irritation of the day: Martha Stewart, promoting herself on HGTV: “The key to good living is surrounding yourself with good things.” It’s so wrong
, it leaves me speechless.  

10:37:14 AM

Cloudy; Mist
-1°C (30.2°F) Last night I went for a long walk alone. Sometimes I need time to myself, with nothing blaring at me, entertaining me, selling to me, or anything else. Some time to spend with something (or someone) that just is
– and that’s all it asks of me: to be

The sky, the trees, the ground. An owl. A full moon. And a ghostly group of blue-white birches, cloaked in black lace branches. Spiritual.

I resolve to take more walks.