-6°C (21.2°F) The sun appeared only briefly today. The clouds made a strategic retreat to the east, piling up into an impregnable wall over Wisconsin. White tufts strode like sentries along the ramparts – or like the crest of a giant tidal wave.

During that interlude everything turned fragile – poignant – nostalgic. You could tell it would soon all be lost… like waiting through the eye of a hurricane, but more terrible for its slow, cold, inexorable advance.

Put on a sweater. Light a fire. Turn inward. Stay warm.  

21:31:58 PM

Cloudy; Light Snow
-4°C (24.8°F) The clouds are lifting, drifting calmly south and east. The snow made the trees seem darker than before, huddled together in trench coats, muttering about spring.