I had the strangest experience today. I’m not even sure it was real, now, looking back on it. But I had the sense that my whole life had been leading up to what I was about to do.

I suppose, in some trivial sense, that everything
we do, one moment after another, is the culmination of our lives so far. What made this different for me is that I was conscious of it. My mind was in tune with where I actually was in my life.

It was strange, but not unnerving – just unfamiliar. Happy, too. :-)

21:31:58 PM

2°C (35.6°F) A thick, gray day under watercolor clouds… still warmer than it should be. I can see stress in the evergreens, dropping too many needles. The grass – even our lettuce – is remarkably green after the snow melts away.

Two years ago we had a similarly warm winter, only drier. Last year was “normal,” weather-wise, but it’s the only normal winter we’ve had since we moved back to Minnesota four years ago. I’m starting to wonder what effects a shift in the climate would have, on native plants and animals, in particular.