-1°C (30.2°F) Illness really slows me down. I find myself considering each word like a tangible object, separate, alone; weighing it, feeling its connections to other words, the tensions that hold it in place. It started when I noticed Jenny reading from The Red Badge of Courage
, and I thought how different the meanings could be…

Why “badge,” in the first place? How about “The Red Belt of Courage?” Or why red? Why not rose or rust or – green? Then I thought of other clothing-color-emotion combinations, like “The Green Jeans of Fear.” :-)
I know, I know. The cold medicine must’ve gotten to me.

More seriously, I was reminded of how little regard I give to most of the words I use. Unless you’re a poet, or a lawyer, individual words get lost in the clutter. The sheer volume of newspapers, magazines, documentation, advertising – words stacked like cordwood, filling page after page – steals our attention away.

It’s only when I make time
, to read a poem, for example, that I can give individual words some space, some room to breathe, to expand in my mind. If it takes a little illness to reset my pace, then so be it.  

21:31:58 PM

-7°C (19.4°F) A bit of a warm-up followed, as usual, by a bit of a cold. It knocked me out yesterday, and it’s still dragging me down today. Groggy… thick… slow-motion thoughts. Ugh.