Mostly Cloudy
-8°C (17.6°F) Not as cold as they said it would be. Nice. The sun has warmed away the bluish tinge of last night.

I was thinking some more about my resolutions. So far I only have one, and everything else derives from it. Today, for instance, I thought of making time
. Too often I’ve been focused on how little time I have, and how I could save a little more. It’s kind of a “glass half empty” point of view, and leads to stress; to clipped, strained, compressed conversations; to restrained, confined lives.

I’m going to try on a different point of view… to make time for people, to make time to make music, to make time to bake a loaf of bread – to knead it with my own hands, to make time to give to others, to make time. I want broad, deep, wide-ranging conversations that keep me up half the night. I want fresh crusty bread that fills the house with its musk. I want to prepare a meal – bake an apple pie (hi, KT! :-)
) – together with friends.

All the so-called “necessities,” when I look back at them, fade into insignificance. But a single conversation, a single shared meal, can stay with me forever.