Cloudy; Light Snow, Mist
-7°C (19.4°F) Light is fading fast. The sky almost has that bluish glow of a TV, only no flicker, no motion. Just slowly drifting snow.  

18:27:35 PM

Cloudy; Light Snow
-8°C (17.6°F) Tiny snowflakes falling. There’s something really soothing about watching snow fall – unhurried, relaxed, aimless. Like watching fish in an aquarium – no hard angles – everything a smooth, sinuous, undulating curve.

I read
yesterday that snow only squeaks when you walk on it if it’s below -10°C (14°F). Above that, the weight of your footsteps is enough to melt it slightly so it slides without making a sound.  

18:36:10 PM

-13°C (8.6°F) Two nights ago, on Christmas Eve, the moon appeared to me as the eye
on the US dollar bill. Mottled with clouds, the sky soon gave itself over to a light, dry snow.

Today bright clouds have come to stay for a few days. I’ll be working on my goals and resolutions for next year. I decided to separate the two in my mind because the specific, particular things I want to accomplish (goals) didn’t seem to belong together with my more obscure intentions for self-improvement (resolutions). But I need both. My resolutions give some context, a rationale for my goals. And my goals give my resolutions a practical, tangible meaning.

I’ve thought about putting them up here – so you can keep me honest, and so I can remind myself often… but then it occurred to me that a true test of resolution-keeping would be if those around you could guess what your resolutions were along about October. And I couldn’t very well tell you if I wanted you to guess later, now could I?