Mostly Clear
-12°C (10.4°F) Yikes! I said I wanted cold, and boy did I get it. Not only did the temperature fall into the single digits (Fahrenheit), but the 30kph (18.6mph) wind makes it feel like -22°C (-7.6°F). Words like “bitter” and “biting” come to mind.

But the birds are still out at the feeders, all puffed up to stay warm. One crow squatted down over his feet while he ate. The squirrels are holding out for warmer temperatures, though.

When I used to pass through the Phoenix airport on the way to somewhere else and it was 40+°C in the shade, people would always say, “but it’s a dry
heat.” Well, it may be 12 below (°C), but it’s a dry
cold :-)
. So dry, in fact, that our wooden floors are developing a whole new repertoire of sounds for our listening pleasure.