8°C (46.4°F) The clouds dissolved under a warm sun. We sat out with the cats for a while, watched a squirrel under the feeder and three chattering, squabbling chickadees move from branch to branch in the locust tree overhead.

My wife’s aunt is dying of lung cancer. She is very weak, but not in pain, and at peace… but it’s difficult for everyone else, to grieve, to say their good-byes, at a time when the world shouts, “Be happy!”  

18:27:35 PM

4°C (39.2°F) The temperature says its warmer than normal again, but the dampness and wind make it feel much colder.

Another couple of loaves of English muffin bread this morning. If I’m feeling ambitious this weekend I’ll try to get the recipe up here. It’s a nice bread for the morning because it only has to rise once, and it tastes better than any store-bought muffins I’ve ever had – and it smells pretty good, too.