We still have unusually warm temperatures. The cats are enjoying the sun outside again. We’re enjoying the lower heating bills, but in the bigger picture, worrying and wondering what it means. I wonder if winter will ever come to stay.  

18:27:35 PM

The ginger snaps turned out great, by the way. The recipe made closer to 100 cookies (more than enough to share), so I’ve been munching on them myself. I had a quite a production line going while I baked them… alternating two cookie sheets, rolling and mashing out the next batch while the other one cooked. Like all good cooking, labor intensive, but very satisfying. Tasty.


18:36:10 PM

8°C (46.4°F) My DSL provider has subjected me to a day and a half of down time with helpful suggestions like “try again in 4 hours.” My case has been “escalated,” which means I can expect a response within 3 to 5 business days (sigh). In the meantime I’m relegated to a dial-up connection as a backup.