Frustration, for me at least, comes from expecting things to be one way, and then having them go another. Expecting really means I’m making implicit demands on people or things over which I have no control – and usually they don’t know or care what those demands are. I am trying to learn to let go, to prepare, act and move with the flow instead of expecting too much. But some days are better than others. A warm cat on the lap can easily make up for a whole day of mistakes.  

18:27:35 PM

5°C (41°F) Pastels again, as the light fades from the sky – pinks and lavender. It’s been a long, frustrating day. It’s nice to sit here quietly and feel darkness closing in. The air is still. The house is warm. It’s good to be home.  

18:36:10 PM

0°C (32°F) Is it possible for gray to be pastel? That’s what the sky looks like this morning, with a faint watercolor wash of blue.