I finally put away the hoses and shut down our outdoor faucets for the winter (so they won’t freeze and burst later on, for those of you in warmer latitudes). It’s hard to believe how late in the season it is – we’ve had 30 inches of snow as early as Halloween – but maybe it’s part of a longer-term trend: I read that our growing season (I’m not sure how they measure that – from last frost to first frost?) is now 21 days longer than it was just 20 years ago.  

18:27:35 PM

Long day today. Not much to say about it. I’m learning more about Macintosh computers, and how to run an office without computers. But most importantly, in bits and pieces, I’m learning about work in an environment where money is not the object, where time moves along at its own pace, and no one hurries to overtake it.