Still balmy when I went out to check on the raccoons.

And still beaming when I see those shiny cars… call me shallow, but there’s a lot of satisfaction in hard physical work that produces a real, tangible result. I also know every inch of the surface of my cars (wish I could say the same for what’s under the hood), and I took care
of it. There’s satisfaction in that, too.


18:27:35 PM

Whew. I washed, “cleaned,” polished and waxed both of our cars, then vacuumed the insides. Now I’m glad it stayed warm enough long enough for me to get around to cleaning the cars before the grime of winter sets in.

And then I watered our evergreen shrubs, since we still have had no rain, and because they said we should on TV.


18:36:10 PM

Today my big chore is to wash and wax the car. It’s been a long time (i.e., months) since I did it, and I think it helps the car weather the sand and salt of a Minnesota winter a little better. It also makes me feel better to drive a clean car. Well, here goes…  

18:38:49 PM

I think my favorite time of day is the hour or two before dawn. Everything is so quiet, so peaceful… but expectant. Like early spring, waiting under old snow.