It was so warm that after dinner, almost after dark I played tag with Sid, another cat of ours, racing through piles of leaves (both of us) and rolling in the dirt (just him). Our wildflowers are still green.

The rain chance is now up to 70%, and showers are on their way from the west, due here by 8 o’clock. Which reminds me… just as the last light was fading from the day I could make out clouds that looked like the blue-green Appalachian mountains of my youth.

18:27:35 PM

The sun burned off those high clouds, and now we’re looking at record high temperatures (upper 60s!). I did a little spot-raking where the last of the leaves had gathered out of the wind. The heat and the sun feel strange, though. And no sign of rain in the forecast, either, just a 50% chance tonight.  

18:36:10 PM

It’s getting cloudier now, but still too bright for rain.  

18:38:49 PM

Still too warm, still too dry. Just wisps of clouds like sheer curtains. But sunlight has taken on a gray, steely sheen. Over the weekend I read that the last time we had such a warm, dry start to November, in 1975, the rest of the month was cold and stormy – and sank the Edmund Fitzgerald.

I spent Sunday after church eating (a pancake breakfast!) and shopping (a new coat). I much preferred the pancake breakfast — all I could eat – but it made me sleepy the rest of the day, good for a 2-hour nap. I hate feeling drowsy when I feel I have so much to do, but I feel much, MUCH better after a nap.

I watered everything again, too. I’m actually looking forward to rain, or snow, or generally cold, cloudy weather. It felt good to finish the last mowing, the last raking. It was a relief. I still have some shredding to do (and probably more watering), but I know it’s time to put the outside to rest and concentrate on more internal pursuits… like this web site!