Windy windy windy. It’s not much colder than yesterday (mid 40s), but the wind and clouds sure make it seem that way. In some places you can hardly tell that I raked, but *I* know I raked.

I’ve often felt the futility of raking (and mowing, for that matter) – especially when someone else has made me do the raking. It’s one of those things we do just to keep the neighbors happy. All in all, that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s a sign of community – and I’m glad they do things to make me happy, too.

This year I’m also using the leaves to help me establish my new planting beds – nothing better or cheaper to smother the grass (and weeds) and improve the soil.

It ended up being much warmer than yesterday – up to 65 – but it stayed cloudy. One of our cats (Teddy) reminded me that it’s been a while since I spent any time in the yard not doing something. The wood chips, mowing, raking and transplanting has kept me from simply enjoying the space. All Teddy asks for is a little quality time together. Why is that so hard?

Still a balmy 62 degrees at 10pm.