Another hard frost. I think the tomatoes are done for. They have no extra protection this year. That may be something I correct next year – I already have plans for a cold frame. Hmmm…

The marigolds took it hard, too. I hope I can get some seeds from them for next year.

Our garden area is greatly expanding. The more I rake, the more I shape the leaves into interesting, garden-shaped piles… kind of like I used to make forts, or cars, or just leaf-jumping-in piles, but with a veneer of respectability.

By taking my time and enjoying my raking, I also discovered a small plant just beginning to bloom (!) in the lawn. It’s 3-4 inches high and has round pink buds that almost look like berries. I’ve been trying to leave these "volunteers" alone when I find them. We’ll see what it turns into.

The grass really has a nice sheen this time of year. I don’t know if it’s all the dew we’ve been having, the frost, the cool weather, or just the lower angle of the sun, but it sure looks good. And locust tree leaves, warm yellow, mixed in lush grass look like flecks of gold.

Oh, and we turned our heat on for the first time this morning. The house was down to 52 degrees, and we were awfully curled up at the breakfast table, so to get our joints moving again I turned it up to 58. Between that and the sun we should be ok.