We went below freezing this morning, for the first time since April 18th. Summer *must* be over by now. There’s still lots of raking and mowing to do, but I think all the plants I was going to move have been moved.

Some places in Minnesota even had snow flurries last night. Nothing here that I could see, though. I *finally* finished moving the wood chip pile from our driveway – rather anticlimactic, but good to be done. And I began what will be, at worst, the next-to-the-last time I mow this year. Enough leaves have fallen, though, that it’s interspersed with bouts of raking.

Much to my surprise, I discovered that I enjoyed raking… maybe a year is long enough to forget the blisters, the calluses, the stiff shoulders… in my case, it was. But there’s plenty more to rake, and still plenty of leaves in the trees.