Not much to say today. I spent most of the day inside, bouncing between tasks on my computer while the outdoors beckons. There’s work to do, sure, but there’s also the smell of fallen/falling leaves, warm sun, cool air, and it’s all too short before the snow.

Speaking of which, yesterday we ordered a gas fireplace to insert into the drafty wood one in our family room. That, and the storm door we discovered this past summer for our sliding glass door (Doh!) should make it a lot cozier. We still have another wood-burning fireplace in the basement, but it hardly ever (I mean never) gets used.

I wonder why we wait to enjoy ourselves. Is it the principle of delayed gratification? The Protestant work ethic? I suppose it can be seen as a good thing, in that it forces me to get some things done, but it feels like it’s going about it the wrong way. The "right" way would be to follow those impulses – life really is too short – but have the impulses be the "right" impulses. And that’s easier and more difficult than the discipline of delayed gratification: more difficult, because you can’t just follow some rules, or have someone else tell you what to do; and easier, because it’s being yourself as you were meant to be.