Just found this today… Make it Green

It sounds a lot like the personal "peace garden" I planted yesterday. My initial reaction was to rebuild the WTC, even higher than before, to show our spirit. But a few days later I came to a similar place. I still believe the WTC should be rebuilt – I would instead ask all of us, everywhere, to create "peace gardens," and add to them over the years. Public spaces to celebrate the beauty of our world and our joy and thankfulness to be in it.

In many places, we don’t have to "create" such a place – we already have parks, small and large, filled with tremendous natural beauty. All it takes is a small change in how we think of them – how we appreciate them:

They, all of them, stand as memorials to peace – to a lack of violence from human beings toward any other living thing.

Today, in what now seems like a strange coincidence, I get to see my parents, who are normally two thousand miles away. I feel lucky – I feel blessed to be able to see them, to tell them I love them, to just be with them. My heart aches for all those who cannot.