I thought I would get a lot more done over the past couple of days, but there was work to do, and then moving back into my office (thanks to Jenny for the beautiful new paint!), and then mowing a tough, weedy lawn.

It’s been a great year for weeds in the lawn. Because of the dry summer we’ve had, I haven’t had to mow all that much. The grass went dormant early, but the weeds managed to thrive (where they get their water from, I’ll never know). The ground became as hard as rock, so the usual "pull-’em-out" technique didn’t work, and by this time there are just too many. What to do?

Well, tomorrow I begin phase one of my anti-lawn campaign. Nothing too ambitious yet, just a little digging and a little soil sampling. The big guns (a truckload of free mulch and a few hours with a wheelbarrow) comes next.

By the way, today we missed another chance at rain. A thin line of thunderstorms headed our way in mid-afternoon, but just as they approached the Twin Cities they broke up, leaving us with nothing more than tattered clouds (sigh).